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Can you imagine….?

October 7th, 2016 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Can you imagine….?”

When you were a child, did you ever imagine yourself being a superhero and taken on their qualities?

Maybe you felt braver or stronger. When playing golf have you ever pretended to be Jack or Arnie or Tiger or Jordan? By having the intention to take on their personas, your mind can simulate having their confidence and thought processes that you imagine that they have.

Recently in a tournament I imagined that when I was putting, I was Jordan Spieth. Each putt that I had I would imagine how Jordan would think over the putt. How he looks at a putt and how he intended to make the putt. I do not know for sure how Jordan really thinks but I can imagine that Jordan had intention and confidence. By taking on these qualities, to my amazement, I made a lot of putts that tournament.

I loved watching the Fed EX Cup playoffs when Rory made that eagle during his round and the putts on the last playoff hole. I can only guess that Ryan Moore thought about nothing but making that last long par putt and sure enough it went in. Then Rory walked right up and drilled his 14 ½ foot putt right into the center of the cup. With clear intention and no thought of anything else but making the putt, both men accomplished their intentions.

If you want to improve your game give only a thought to what you want and just for fun, pretend you are Arnie, Rory or Ryan and watch your game make progress.