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Golf From Point A

January 3rd, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Golf From Point A”

I’ve been helping golfers with their games for so many years now it’s hard to count. I have assisted beginners in learning the game, 20 handicappers improve, high school golfers earn a place to play in college, young professionals secure their Tour cards and have even advised and guided Tour players as they achieved their first PGA Tour wins.

I realize I was destined to be a golf coach because that is what brings me so much joy. It wasn’t always like that though; in fact for 28 years of my life it was really all about me. Just me. I was learning the game and developing myself to play golf at the highest level. I was a determined and tenacious player that had to work twice as hard as all those players that possessed more talent.

It has been a joy and a journey to co-create Golf from Point A. My business partner, Valerie Lazar, has been a catalyst and an inspiration. She has brought so many great insights to this book and her humor, wit and creative knack has helped to make Golf from Point A a unique book about the thinking side of golf. From all of my golf experience and from feedback from others many concepts have evolved and have been applied to the students that entrust me with their games. My teaching philosophy has developed and been honed through the process of putting ideas from thought to paper.

Everything begins in the brain and what a golfer is thinking while playing this game will shape and form their golf stroke, their attitude and their belief system. It truly is your perspective that will make your four-hour journey either heaven or hell. You have the opportunity to change your mind and change your game. What you think, when you think and how you think are powerful determiners of how you will play.



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