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Point A Philosophy At The Rio Olympics

August 15th, 2016 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Point A Philosophy At The Rio Olympics”

The Point A philosophy is about being 100% for each shot and the world’s best athletes competing in Rio are doing it beautifully.

Point A and USA Beach Volleyball

When watching Kerry Walsh Jennings and April Ross play beach volleyball at the Olympics I recognized Point A at its finest. They are playing one shot at a time. No predicting what the ball will do. As expected there were lots of crazy hits, but the two girls stayed focused on each sho – not reacting two what had just happened nor thinking about the winning. They are really in each moment and not celebrating until it is all over. Point A philosophy is to be 100% for each shot and USA Beach Volleyball did it!
Point A and USA Swimming

Michael Phelps was elected to be the US Swim Team Captain at this years Olympics. He shared with his team that they all have an effect on each other. If you have a complaint or a negative thought – keep it to yourself. The more positive the comments are, the better the energy will be at the Olympics. Point A positivity is about your energy and what you bring to your game.